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Is it your turn to pick up that delicious bottle of wine for dinner tonight? Are you dreading walking up and down the aisles trying to find that perfect bottle for your guests while thinking to yourself “I hope this isn’t another bad pick that everyone complains about”. Don’t you worry! We’ve all been there… staring at the shelves, seeing nothing but red, white, rose and a bunch of nice labels. I know you’re thinking of just grabbing the one with the nicest label…it must taste delicious since it looks so pretty right? I’m afraid that’s not how it works, but I’m not lying to anyone, picking out a good bottle of wine can be a very overwhelming experience because everyone has different palates when it comes to wine. What one person loves may not be as appealing to the next person. Since wine drinking is an extremely social event and we’re always looking for that next great wine to bring to an event, allow me to share my expertise with you and help you bring home that perfect bottle.

Lets get into some basics for all you wine newbies out there:

Buying Red Wine

Whenever you’re buying wine, I would suggest matching it with whichever meal you are having that night. Red wines go great with Italian foods, anything that is tomato based or all your red meats. BbcGoodFood has more specific rules for when it comes to red wine and food. For example: you would like to match up spicy foods with Chilean or Australian reds. Match lamb with Rioja and steak with wines from California or Chile. Also, red wine is generally served close to room temperature for optimal quality. Follow these simple steps for red wine and you will really impress your guests. Especially if they’re wine specialists like many people claim to be.

Buying White Wine

One of my favorite wine buying tricks when it comes to white wine is to never buy aged wines. The best tasting whites generally comes from wine made between 2008 and 2011. When you get into wines that are more aged than that, white wines begin to taste a tad bit flat. Then the second best tip for whites is getting back into matching the wine with your meal. If your meals consist of fish, I would certainly match that up with a quality Chardonnay. Chardonnays generally have an oaky taste, which is why it goes well with rich foods like fish. Sticking with meals from a lake or ocean, Sauvignon Blanc matches up well with seafood’s like crab, lobster and calamari. Sauvignon Blanc has more of a fruity taste to it, which matches well with the rich seafood. If you’ve been invited to a barbecue or you’re hosting one yourself, I would suggest buying white wines from Australia or North America.

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