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Crisp white wines are great for quenching your thirst in the summer, but slightly chilled, easy-drinking reds are perfectly suitable, too.

Our favorite summer wines:


Full-bodied whites and light- to medium-bodied reds are the perfect complement to cooler weather and fall harvest foods.

Our favorite fall wines:


Full-bodied reds are king in winter since they pair well with heartier dishes, but sparkling wines have a starring role at the holidays, too.

Our favorite winter wines:


Lighter, aromatic wines help usher in warmer weather. They pair well with the lighter dishes of the spring season, too.

Our favorite spring wines:

By: The Biltmore House Wines by Seasons

Beyond those seasonal guidelines, there are also a number of wine holidays. So if you’re looking for a reason to celebrate, here are a dozen good ones.

Wine Holidays

For many of us, the changing seasons come with changing preferences in wine. The crisp whites we crave in summer give way to heartier reds in fall and winter months. As usual, personal preference trumps everything else, but here are some general guidelines for serving wine with the seasons.

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